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Dec 28 2017

Automated Project Management for Teams on GitHub

#github #project #management # Smart & Simple Project Management Track Your Work Automatically No longer waste time or lose context by manually updating the status of your work. Waffle will do it for you! Waffle listens to the actions in your workflow to know when work is started, ready for review, or finished and updates your status automatically. kaylee opened a pull request titled “disables trap – closes #20” Connect pull requests to an issue with pull request title or description. wash created a remote branch named “alert-#1” Automatically move an issue in progress and assign self by creating branch …

Dec 28 2017

How to Start a Boat Charter Business

#charter #business #class # How to Start a Boat Charter Business Charter boats take guests on fishing, snorkeling and sightseeing expeditions. Charter Fishing Boat image by Wimbledon from Related Articles Boat charter businesses flourish in the United States, particularly in regions known for high-quality access to ocean sightseeing, fishing and other water activities. The U.S. Census Bureau found that 1,748 recreational water transportation companies generated $1 billion in 2002, employing around 12,000 individuals. California, Hawaii and Florida together captured over one-third of the market, although other states, including New York and Florida, fared well with boat charters. Boat charter …