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Jun 24 2017

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Dennis Kelly

Cheif Financial Officer
Morris Media Network

W e began working with Media Services Group in late 2004 with the intention of standardizing some visitor publications on a common accounting and financial system. Our initial goal was to migrate several recent acquisitions onto the same accounting platform to give our publishers across the country a consistent and comparative view of their publications’ performance relative to their peers using various metrics we built into the reports available in Élan.

Since 2004 our business has grown exponentially, creating a critical need for a more integrated media solution. So what first began as a billing, accounts receivable and accounting platform for a few titles has evolved into an end-to-end publishing solution that begins with a robust cloud-based Customer Relationship Management database allowing our sales professionals in the field to create proposals for multi-platform media campaigns that can easily be converted into insertion orders with the push of a button.

From New York, Boston and Chicago, to San Francisco, Seattle and Las Vegas, to Hawaii and London and now finally to Australia, our sales reps and publishers have a single view of their customers. And our customers can now request e-bills, e-tear-sheets, cloud based customer self-service and various automated payment solutions. Our relationship with Media Services group has allowed us to implement this best-of-class solution for all Morris magazines in the travel, equine, sporting and lifestyle verticals.

Thanks Jeff, Wayne and all your staff, for what we have been able to accomplish together over the past decade. It’s been a very cool ride!

Continued best wishes for the future.

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