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Dec 28 2017

Automated Project Management for Teams on GitHub

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Smart & Simple Project Management

Track Your Work Automatically

No longer waste time or lose context by manually updating the status of your work. Waffle will do it for you! Waffle listens to the actions in your workflow to know when work is started, ready for review, or finished and updates your status automatically.

kaylee opened a pull request titled
“disables trap – closes #20”

Connect pull requests to an issue with pull request title or description.

  • wash created a remote branch named

    Automatically move an issue in progress and assign self by creating branch containing issue #.

  • kaylee merged pull request
    #76 into master

    Close connected issue automatically when pull request is merged.

    Keep Your Team On Track

    Do you know if your team will finish the next feature on time? Now you can with WaffleMetrics.

    Know if you’re on track to ship a feature with Waffle’s milestone burndown graph.

    Track your team’s throughput of pull requests and issues. Understand how fast your team moves to plan effectively and retrospect past increments.

    Waffle Open Source

    You already open source your code, so why not open source your process too? Everyone can see your public Waffle board, so go on and show the world what you’re working on. Make it easy for contributors to know what’s ready to work on next by adding a Waffle badge to your GitHub README, or embed a throughput graph to highlight recent activity on your project.

    Did we mention it’s free for open source? Go ahead, see what your open source project looks like made delicious.

    Waffle Takeout

    Do you have GitHub Enterprise?
    Waffle Takeout is our on-premises version, giving you all the same great features of on your own servers. Waffle Takeout works with both GitHub Enterprise and
    Try Waffle Takeout with a 45 day free trial.

    Powered By GitHub

    Waffle stays in sync with your GitHub repositories. Continue to work in GitHub when it makes sense. Use Waffle when it saves you time over browsing through lists of issues. Wherever you choose to work, we’ll keep your Waffle board updated in real time.See how easily Waffle lets you visualize your work in progress and prioritize what to work on next.

    Want to see Waffle in action? Check out our board! or.

    Additional Features

    Slack Integration

    Receive Slack notifications in your channel of choice when cards move on your Waffle board.

    Pull Request Status

    See in real-time whether your PR has passed, failed or is pending directly on your board.

    Pull Request Reviewers

    Know instantly who’s reviewing your PR and whether it was approved, commented, or changes requested. Also know if you have been requested to review and if changes were made after your last review.


    The WaffleBot GitHub integration watches the work you do and updates your board automatically. Checkout our guide for more.

    Multiple Repos on a Single Board

    Connect any number of GitHub repositories to a single board. View all of your open issues and pull requests for a single project, multiple projects, or across your entire organization.

    Customizable Workflow

    Your board can be modified to fit your workflow – Waffle doesn’t lock you in to any workflow convention. Need inspiration? Check out our development board to see how we do it.


    Updates on your team’s board, from GitHub or Waffle, will display on your collaborators’ screens with no refresh necessary.


    Get exactly the view you want, filter cards on your board via labels, issue text, milestone, and owner. Bookmark or share the URL of your favorite filtered views.

    What our users say about us

    Paul Müller Cofounder and CTO

    “Waffle provides a simple, necessary layer for organizational planning on top of the tools we already use on a daily basis. With Waffle, we are easily able to prioritize work to be done.”

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  • Rhys Arkins Founder

    “ is an essential part of our development and project management workflow. For viewing and planning a project’s progress I find that a Kanban board visualisation works best, meanwhile there are many advantages – particularly for developers – in using GitHub’s native issue tracking.”

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  • Justin Foley CTO

    “Other tools we’ve tried were big and bloated and detracted from our ability to get work done. Waffle is simple and just what we need: it integrates with our work in GitHub without any configuration needed and allows us to spend less time manually tracking work.”

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  • Shane Emmons Senior Developer

    “With Waffle we finally have insight into our daily work. At a glance, we can see what’s being worked on throughout the development organization; allowing us to more accurately plan and execute our objectives. And the best part? With the tight GitHub integration, our developers use the tool without complaint of duplicated effort.”

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    “A waffle is like a pancake with a syrup trap.” – Mitch Hedberg

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