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Jul 31 2017

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Fleet Financing Leasing

Fleet Financing and Leasing Services

Enterprise Fleet Management offers a full menu of fleet leasing and financing services. Whether it s an open-end, close-end or a self-funded program, our team will help you determine what s best by offering a customizable and flexible financing plan based on your company s operating needs.


A smart, customized line of credit structured around the actual service life of fleet vehicles can help you maximize cash flow—and create flexible equity leases with no mileage restrictions, abnormal wear-and-tear charges or other surprises.


Maintain consistent cash flow by choosing fixed payments on a fleet lease. Along with lowering administrative costs, this approach spreads fleet financing costs over the service life of vehicles—so you can keep your cash at work, growing the business.


Gain flexibility when you open a dedicated line of credit for acquiring or leasing fleet vehicles. This simple move keeps your existing lines of credit available for other business-building opportunities and needs.

Finance or lease fleet vehicles at the most cost-effective rate. Our fleet financing and leasing services negotiate the best incentives and help you plan proactively to acquire at the lowest possible cost.

Enterprise Fleet Management sells more used vehicles than any other company in North America. Take advantage of our resale process to get your vehicles sold for the highest return.

Reduce downtime with our streamlined fleet maintenance process, utilizing our nationwide network of 65,000 service centers and accredited team of ASE certified technicians.

Track your vehicle fuel usage, set limits and find the cheapest fuel to provide convenience for your drivers and the controls you need to drive down cost.

Real-time logistical data pinpoints every detail of fleet operations to identify areas that can be improved upon, optimizing productivity.

Handle accident claims quickly with risk management fleet services that are available 24/7.

Fleet programs that handle license and registration for your vehicles ensure you will meet every regulation without investing personal time.

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