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Sep 7 2018

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Profile of the Senior Trainer

As soon as he was not involved with the software development company anymore, and consequently had more time, he began to trade with a live account. This was approximately 7 years ago.

The next couple of years he experienced at first hand all the obstacles and lessons that traders who eventually become successful had to go through. Especially the psychological aspects of trading and the gamut of emotions that often prompted panic buy/sell transactions became part of his experience. He also learned how difficult it was to stick relentlessly to a strategy or system, especially when the market moves against you.

. These and many other practical issues and problems he experienced firsthand for the next couple of years -and needless to say went through a couple of accounts to pay his school fees. Still at the time he did not realise the value of Forex training or courses because he hoped that he would learn by experience. Today he agrees with those who maintain that to become a successful Forex trader is very similar to becoming qualified in a profession such as a medical doctor, attorney, civil engineer, etc. It takes years of time, intense study, practical experience and of course, a lot of money!

These experiences were painful and costly, but slowly he learned from them and slowly he began to experience his first success as a trader as he implemented the lessons learned. As he studied and experimented with many different systems and approaches he realised a few very important factors:

  • One can save a lot of money, time and pain if you start with a good Forex course or training to learn the essentials – without having to learn through costly mistakes and self-experience.
  • The Forex course or training must preferably be given by a successful full-time trader who has personal experience of all the critical factors in trading.
  • There must be lots of practice on demo accounts before opening your first small live account.
  • It is beneficial to trade together with other successful traders (e.g. in a trading room) for a while to see how it is done and to get confidence in your own abilities and systems / strategies.

Today Ernest is a successful full-time trader, but even more, he realised that to really know if a system or strategy is profitable in all circumstances, one has to systemize

it in a program (in the case of Metatrader it is called an Expert Advisor (EA)) to back test and forward test it on real data. To be able to do this he learned to program

in MQL4 to enable him to write his own Expert Advisors and so test the profitability all strategies and systems before they are applied to live accounts.

Then, because of his business background, he realized that to make the business of Forex trading more stable and secure so that it could become a viable home business – and not just a speculative endeavour – one should apply some business principles and methods to Forex trading and so develop a viable home business with much less risk and more potential for guaranteed profits.

Today he is dedicated to Forex trading and shares his experience and knowledge in training courses to teach others how to avoid the same mistakes he had to learn through painful personal experience. He is so confident that when his students will follow his advice and recommendations that he will guarantee their success.

You can have a look at the Forex courses that Ernest is presenting by going to the following pages:

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