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Jul 31 2017

Gary Loomis – The Ledgend Returns – Gary Loomis – The Ledgend Returns #the #loomis


The LEDGEND Returns!

Introducing Edge Fly Rods!

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Sportsman Extraordinaire

Machinist and Engineer

“Machinist first.” That’s how Gary Loomis introduces himself when asked how he got started designing and selling rods. Every time. By trade, Gary joined the Navy in 196X and was sneaking into the machine shop to challenge himself to manufacture parts and pieces he dreamed up or wanted to imitate. Although he joined the naval ranks to earn an education and certification to become a machinist, his natural aptitudes were up to that challenge long before any formal education or training. His skills and abilities did not go unnoticed by the upper ranks. While being called to meet with a four-star general well-knowing he was “misbehaving” and “breaking rules,” and would likely pay dearly, the outcome Gary experienced was quite different and simply a symbol for what was to come. Gary stood above and beyond the rest already. He wasn’t asked to build parts for the Navy, prior to his certification, and although he insisted that he wasn’t qualified or certified to do what was being asked, he was ordered to do so. Due to his supreme abilities, Loomis could pump out parts faster and higher quality than anyone. He did later receive his proper training and certification but that keen natural sense of working the machines and figuring out “better” processing led to him, in later years, engineering and building his own machines to manufacture his rod designs and parts. These machines create the finest composite tubes in the world for a multitude of platforms and uses and some of those same machines are used today in his North Fork Composites and EDGE Rods factory. If you can’t find Gary on the river, he is likely tinkering in his machine shop behind his house.

Innovator Visionary

Genius would be another word to describe Gary Loomis. Although he would shy away from that word, it is the truth. While most of the public knows him as “that guy who designs rods,” he is much more than a fishing rod designer. Although fishing is his passion, what truly sets Gary apart from most, is his curiosity and desire to get the question answered or problem solved. Quite frankly, he won’t rest until his does. Gary has singled-handedly broken more composite tubes than probably anyone on the planet to dissect what precisely the problem spots are and how to fix those issues. He can tell you precisely how and why every single break has occurred. It was while working for Lamiglass in 1974 when he caught wind of “carbon fiber,” and it was then that his mission began. He stood at the doors of Boeing Headquarters in Seattle, WA asking everyone if they’d heard of graphite. Directed to a different gate, he met one of four people in the world that knew anything about it, and thus began his quest to learn and build, with this incredible material that was the basic building block that began his next steps in designing and building his own golf shafts, fishing rods, antennas of military grade and other fine products. One of the true pioneers who has stood the test of time, spanning a career of over four decades, is now delivering what he and others would describe as having saved the best for last. Gary’s tubular composite blanks, rods, oar shafts antenna, and other composite products are putting a nice bow on what has been an incredible lifetime of achievements.


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