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Jul 31 2017

How to Make a 3-Way Call Through a Lucent Phone #avaya #conference #call #instructions


How to Make a 3-Way Call Through a Lucent Phone

Lucent manufactures multi-line business phones that connect to a network of other phones in offices or other buildings. One option that is very useful for businesspeople and other professionals is the conference (three-way) calling feature. This allows you to have a conversation with two people at the same time. The good news is that setting up and using the conference calling feature on your Lucent phone is a relatively simple process that can be completed in almost no time at all.

Three-way calling can be done with your Lucent phone.


Dial the number of one of the parties you wish to take part in the three-way call. You can also proceed to set up a conference call even if you are on the line with someone who has called you.


Wait for the party to answer and let them know you are going to connect to a third party. Place your current call on hold by pressing the red Hold button on your Lucent phone s keypad.


Press one of the Line keys on the phone s keypad to activate another line. Call the number of the third party and wait for the person to answer.


Press the Conf. button on your Lucent phone s keypad and all parties will connect on the same line. Pressing the Hold button now will place both parties on hold simultaneously. All parties will disconnect when the person who set up the call hangs up.

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