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Nov 30 2017

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Portsmouth Rotary Housing Association

Portsmouth Rotary Housing Association provides affordable social housing, including one bedroom and studio flats in various locations in Portsmouth.

PRHA has 107 sheltered apartments (with a scheme manager) and 46 non-sheltered units, conveniently situated near local amenities which cater excusively for retired and semi-retired tenants over the age of 55.

Portsmouth Rotatry Housing Association is a charity and is managed by members of the Rotary Club of Portsmouth Southsea and a number of independent members.

Contact us today 023 9275 4791 or complete an application form .

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About PRHA

The Portsmouth Rotary Housing Association was founded in 1968 and is:-

  1. Registered with the Homes and Communities Agency No: L0686 as a ‘Registered Provider’
  2. Affiliated to the National Housing Federation.
  3. A Registered Society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 No: 18951R

The Association currently owns five purpose built blocks within the city comprising 143 flats (130 singles and 13 doubles). 4 of the blocks have the benefit of a resident Scheme Manager.

All applicants should be aware that the accommodation provided by the Association is suitable only for those who are capable of independent living.

The Association exists to provide accommodation for independent living which is defined as the ability of tenants to take full care of themselves, including those for whom it is necessary to receive the maximum care package through the care in the community programme

Portsmouth Rotary Housing Association Scheme Managers perform a variety of tasks necessary to ensure the smooth running of the scheme.

These tasks include:-

  • Reporting and oversight of the maintenance requirements of their property
  • Compliance with ever changing statutory regulations particularly with regard to Health Safety
  • Managing crisis situations such as heart attacks and falls
  • Regular checks to ensure the correct operation of fire alarms, emergency call systems etc
  • Dealing with other professionals i.e. doctors, health visitors, carers etc
  • Encouraging a successful social activity programme
  • Advising on personal problems
  • Liaising with family members of residents where necessary

There are, however some tasks which the Scheme Managers are not able to undertake, for example:-

  • Day to day personal care of individual residents.
  • Nursing or other medical requirements. If regular treatment is required they will be happy to advise residents and their families on how to access the service required. They are not allowed under any circumstances to administer drugs or medicines.
  • Scheme Managers are not there to carry out domestic chores for residents such as shopping, cleaning, cooking etc although they will endeavour to assist a resident to do these things for themselves.
  • Scheme Managers are not allowed to lift residents who have fallen over but will, if required, summon appropriate assistance.

All sheltered blocks have 24hr emergency cover linked directly to the Scheme Manager or, in their absence, a external call centre. Separate door entry systems enable tenants to view visitors at the main front door before allowing access. All flats have fully fitted kitchens, (excluding electric cooking facilities and refrigerator), floor coverings (i.e. vinyl in kitchens and bathrooms and good quality fitted carpets in other areas of the accommodation).

Thanks to a grant from the BIG LOTTERY FUND computer facilities including broadband internet, Skype etc is now available in the communal area of our 4 Sheltered Housing Schemes. See latest News above.

Following an amalgamation with the Portsmouth and District Soroptimist Housing Association in 1990 our accommodation was increased by 20 single/studio flats and 5 double flats from four rehabilitated Victorian houses and one purpose built unit.

There are no Scheme Managers at these properties.

Members of the Rotary Club of Portsmouth and Southsea participate in the running of the Association, and we welcome membership from the wider community.

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