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Jun 24 2017

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I am pretty sure that DU Direct do.
I think Saga do (if you are over 50)
I’m confident that Groupama would
I’m pretty sure that a Lloyds Underwriter, such as Chaucer, would too.

Your best bet would be to follow the Car Insurance instructions in the Best Buy Articles above and then starting with the cheapest, phone them and ask them.

If you continue to get nowhere with that, find out who your EU insurers were as they probably have an arm in the UK and would honour your no claims.

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I have had a surreal experience with overseas no-claims bonus with Swiftcover. First of all they accepted my no-claims. I phoned them to confirm this. Then they decided they won’t accept it because the overseas provider was not one they were willing to accept. I pointed out that my overseas insurer was AXA (their parent company). I then decided to not proceed with the policy and that incurred me a �25 payment and to make matters worse even though they could take my money straight away they could not pay it back for many weeks. I was pretty miffed at the time! I took out a small claims against them. After also complaining to Axa I cancelled all policies I had with them (�600 a month. mainly on life illness policies). I did check that I could get a better deal elsewhere beforehand though and surprise, surprise that was a good financial move too. The next stage was Swiftcover fought my claim (with a lot of twisting of facts I would add). So it cost another �25 to put the case before a human being in magistrate court. That was a surreal experience because I was armed with everything I wanted to put forward to show how they had messed me around and that I had been truthful and straight up with them from the outset. I only got a minute into my tirade and the guy said I could stop there. it was obvious that I thought I had not entered into a contract and their website had not made it clear enough. so I got my money back with all expenses. British insurance companies are real rip off merchants and I don’t trust any of them any more.

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By the way Zurich will except AXA overseas NCD even if AXA and Swiftcover will not. The other thing that really drives me nuts about UK insurers is when you get your renewal quote (after another no claim year) you expect it to be the best deal possible. I got one this morning of Endsleigh and when I went online I could beat it by �100. Strangely, the Endsleigh quote online could beat my renewal offer by almost �40. Another good customer lost!

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There are plenty of Insurers who will accept foreign no claims bonus, they often stipulate EU Insurers only and it is normally subject the written proof being in English and confirming the relevant information.

You can often check by reading their FAQs on No Claims Bonus Proof, here is Swiftcovers which I found by googling Swiftcover NCD

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